“I simply need a hassle-free tool to manage my online photography business.”
  • Do you find it difficult to put your photos online and control what your clients can do with these images?
  • Can you offer a multi resolution gallery to your customers?
  • Can you offer your clients a password protected area?
  • Are your photos are well protected by a logo or a watermark?
  • Are you notified when your client previews or downloads images? Do you know which ones they like the most and which ones they share on Facebook?
  • Do you offer a convenient shop with online payents?
  • Do you have automatic invoicing?
  • Do you automate your bookings through an automatic workflow with online payments and client data capture?
Photocouch offers an integrated workflow with booking, digital image delivery, print orders and invoicing and will let you manage your business with less effort and a greater cost efficiency.

Hi, I'm Dimitri Van de Putte and I created Photocouch. Photocouch is not a big organisation. I try to keep it small and have a close contact with my customers.

I believe that I can help Photographers to manage their business more fluently and that there are easy technological solutions and methods to make your life so much easier. Photocouch wants to do just that.

Fast and hassle-free digital image delivery


Problems delivering images to your clients digitally? In search of the right gallery software? Trouble with software that is too complex? Do your customers find it difficult to use?

Imagine you can have an easy tool to deliver your images to your clients without a hassle.

  • Upload your photos in a clean, secure and fast way.
  • Store a reduced version watermarked with your logo for preview.
  • Create a shielded environment for your clients to preview the photos.
  • Allow your clients to download previews easily.
  • Allow your clients to download hres images if you give the permission to do so.
  • Allow your clients the creation of contact sheets in a PDF format.

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The images your clients like the most


Do you want to know which photos your clients like the most? Which photos they want to use for their Facebook profile? Which images symbolize the most precious moments of their life?

Imagine you can watch them look at your photos. You will be able feel your clients' needs and improve the outcome of each photo shoot by creating the right photos.

Photocouch will give you instantaneous feedback when photos are being previewed.

Get an immediate insight on statistics and figure out which photos create the biggest value for your customer, even without asking them.

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Be sure to have delivered


For some of your customers technology will always be a burden.

It is important to know whether your client received the images. Whether they downloaded them, uploaded them to Facebook or simply looked at them.

Photocouch will confirm whether the images are actually delivered to your client.

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Increase your referrals - Image delivery is marketing


Do you want your clients to show-off your photos to their friends and collegues? Do you want these people to visit your website and order photo sessions too?

Imagine that your customers can easily share your photos among their network doing 'mouth to mouth' or should we call it 'wall to wall' Facebook communication.

The first thing clients want to do after a photo session is to put the images on their Facebook page and share it to the world. It would be nice if they can do so with one single click.

  • Allow your customers to upload to Facebook, straight from your customers' shielded photo space.
  • Notify which photos are being transferred to Facebook.

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